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Affirmation Journal

Affirmation Journal

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The Affirmation Journal by Route is a powerful tool designed to accompany you on a transformative 90-day journey of self-discovery and growth. This beautifully crafted journal serves as a space for writing your daily affirmations.

Haven’t practiced affirmations before? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our journal acts as a comprehensive guidebook for those new to the practice. This guidebook section acts as an action plan, offering step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of your affirmation practice.


  • Within the journal, you'll find dedicated pages for each day, providing ample space to write your affirmations. These daily pages encourage you to express your positive thoughts, intentions, and aspirations.
  • This 90 days journal is packed with inspiring affirmations and constructive weekly check-ins to help you turn your thoughts and energy into tangible results. You'll learn how to cultivate a mindful and supportive attitude, and how to use positivity and self-care to bring transformation into your life.

More Info

  • 90 Days Journal
  • Undated 
  • Hardbound cover
  • Affirmation Prompts
  • Thank you note along with the journal
  • Additional jute bag storage purposes
  • Gift packing + Handwritten notes available on special request for your loved ones (Additional Charge*)


  • With this journal, you'll establish a daily practice of writing affirmations and tracking your progress through weekly check-ins, monthly intentions and retrospectives, and gentle reminders of positivity.
  • These sections serve as checkpoints along your journey, allowing you to reflect on your progress and set new goals. These moments of introspection provide an opportunity to gauge your growth, acknowledge achievements, and make adjustments if needed.
  • By consistently writing down affirmations, you'll gradually shape your mindset, fostering self-love, self-care, mindfulness, and a more optimistic attitude.
  • With a bright yellow cover, envision how you can rise above your current state and uncover your deepest layers of mindset and elevate yourself to new heights through the practice of affirmations – the power is within you!
  • Join the movement, and let the Route 90 Day Affirmation Journal be your guide.
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