About the founder

  - Krisha Shah


“Why you do, what you do” has been a thought provoking statement that has led me to bring #ROUTE to life. As I take this opportunity to introduce my piece of heart, I think it’s important to tell you all my part of the story.

The inspiration behind ROUTE was born from my personal experiences with anxiety and stress. Through my own transformation process, I discovered a completely new me. My inclination towards meditation and principles of spirituality got even more powerful and practices even more stronger. When the world hit a pause, my journey began. Throughout the time that I’ve spent with myself, it gave me a different perspective. I meditated, I wrote journals, I exercised, read books, concentrated on what I feed my body with, challenged myself and most importantly spent time in practicing the art of gratitude. I adapted a lifestyle I loved and eventually figured out my calling. My IKIGAI - the reason for my being. Since then, there was no looking back.

This has been one hell of a ride. Looking at what it has done to me, I decided to share this #ROUTE with you guys. 

I assembled my experiences to bring to the palm of your hands a truly integrated and a personalized resource of transformation to help you get started on a lifelong path of your-self and inner transformation. I can’t wait to share everything that’s coming your way very soon.

Lots of Love & Gratitude.